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Plantation Shutters are a very popular choice for home owners for many reasons they enhance the aesthetic appeal of their homes while also enjoying a range of practical benefits they are made from Hardwoods or vinyl (we don’t do MDF) and are designed to cover the entire window, one of the major benefits is their ability to control the amount of light entering a room, creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. This is particularly useful in rooms that receives a lot of sunlight, as the shutters can be adjusted to prevent glare and heat entering the room. Another benefit is the ability to provide privacy ….you can close all the shutter blades or just the bottom and allow light to come through the top part…..they are extremely versatile.

Let’s not forget the insulation values ….up to 50% extra heat retention (or if it’s hot outside, keeps it cooler) and they also help with noise reduction.
They are highly durable made to last… only buy them once….if you compare them to blinds you will have to repair or replace blinds after 5 or 6 years in general.

In short if you are looking for a durable, versatile and energy efficient window treatment, superior insulation and ease of maintenance….. Plantation Shutters are a wise investment for any home.

Yes is the simple answer…it’s a bit like adding a new kitchen or bathroom it all adds value and Plantation Shutters can be seen from the road so it adds kerb appeal too. When I was renovating properties to sell we invariably got more potential buyers through the door when plantation shutters were fitted…which I put down to the kerb appeal.
There’s no Maintenance as such…..all that’s needed is a feather duster and a damp cloth.
If the louvre blades get broken they can be replaced….you will need a spare blade and spring loaded part to fit in the end….we can supply this if you require.
Yes…the hardwood comes from sustainable sources and the Upvc is fully recyclable….So they are pretty green in that respect.
Well…what are the alternatives….Curtains… you can still have curtains with Shutters … you don’t need them…but if you want them for aesthetic purposes ,that’s your choice….what about Blinds, there are lots of nice Blinds around, in general they are cheaper but within 5 or 6 years you will need to repair or replace them…no insulation or noise pollution values to speak of…in conclusion Plantation Shutters are more cost effective (built to last) excellent insulation and noise pollution values and add value to your home and even more important……..They look extremely nice!

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