Here are some questions that people ask about Plantation Shutters

Q -What’s the difference between blinds and shutters?

A – Shutters are solid, (usually hardwood or upvc) set in a frame which is fixed to the inside reveal of the window, the louvered panels open to let the light in, you can open the top and leave the bottom closed… have as much or little light as required, easy to clean and can be fully opened if you desire. Also shutters are good insulators helping to keep the heat in your room (up to 50%)

Blinds generally fix to the head of the window the slats can be fabric or wood or aluminium, the slats can be opened or closed to allow the light in, you can also raise the blind up the window if you wanted to let more light in, you also have the option of roller blind or roman blinds which are fabric and can only be raised up or down.

Q – How do they compare in cost.

A – Shutters will be more expensive, they are made out of hardwood or Upvc and are basically a piece of furniture which will last a lifetime.

Q – Can you fit these yourself?

A -Blinds aren’t that hard to fit, shutters need a bit more expertise (exact measurement is crucial) unless you are pretty competent in your abilities I would let an expert fit them.

Q – Do plantation shutters add value to your property?

A- Simple answer is Yes…’s like having a nice Kitchen or Bathroom it adds value… they are low maintenance… energy efficient, that’s what people want today.

Q – Are shutters just white in colour?

A – No… we have 40 colours and stains to choose from plus custom colours…after saying that white is our most popular colour and we now have a UK Upvc shutter which comes in white only ( only 4 week delivery)

Q – How long is Delivery/Fitting on the Shutters?

A - The overseas hardwoods and Upvc are between 10 to 12 week…as mentioned the UK Upvc is 4 weeks.

Q – Are they still Fashionable

A – They are more popular now than ever so……I guess the answer is yes.

Q - Can I fit a shutter to a window if it’s flush with the wall …..

A - Yes….. We have different frames to suit all types of openings.

Q – Can you fit to a window area that’s tiled (Bathroom / Kitchen?)

A – Yes no problem at all.

Q – Can you fit a shutter to a floor to ceiling window?

A – Yes …..Any size at all.

Q – Can you fit a shutter to a tilt and turn window.

A – Generally yes….but depends on the window design, we have different fixing technique which usually gets around this problem.

Q – How much are plantation shutters…….how much for a bay etc.

A – It all depends on the size…… as a guide ….a modern small bedroom window about £250 average Box Bay Around £700……..easiest way is to put your measurement’s in to the estimate box on the website that will give you a price.

Q – Are window shutters black out?

A – No...When the louvres are closed it stops a lot of light but not black out, however we can incorporate with in the build construction a black out blind if you require.

Q – Do window shutters help insulate?

A – Yes up to will help keep the heat in and the cold out (warmer in winter and cooler in summer)

Q – Is it easy to clean the windows if fitted with shutters?

A – Yes …the louvre panels open up and you can easily get to the window.

Q – What’s the best material for shutters…..hardwood or Upvc… both have their merits.

A - But if you want them in high moisture area (bathroom for instance) Upvc is the best option.

Q – Where’s the best place to buy shutters from.

A – First of all go for quality materials (Hardwood or Upvc) don’t be tempted to go for companies that offer 30%- 40%- 50% off if you sign up today, you will still find they are generally overpriced, get at least two or three quotes before you decide.

If you have any questions about plantation shutters or need any further information please email me, I will be more than happy to assist. Lee Coldwell ……………..