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Window shutters have been around a long time ,they can be traced back to the ancient Greeks, it was quite a simple idea to keep out the elements….keep it warmer or cooler… it worked quite well….. So well…. that as the centuries passed the more popular they became, the name Plantation Shutter derives from the southern states of America where the cotton and coffee plantations in the late 17th early 18th centuries were situated.

Lafayette, Louisiana was one such place and all the grand houses of the day were fitted with shutters to the windows to keep out the heat … or the cold…..fast forward 250 years and they are still as popular as ever, however the Plantation Shutters of today are far superior to the ones of old, top quality materials, state of the art production techniques makes todays shutters a beautiful work of engineering design and craftsmanship which adds a certain elegance and sophistication to any property. So if you are looking for bespoke quality shutters at extremely affordable prices.

Lafayette Shutters operate in the Yorkshire and Derbyshire areas

We deal direct with the manufacturer (no middleman) which enables us to keep our prices permanently low….we don’t have any higher pressure sales or ridiculous discounts (50% - 60% off …. nobody does in reality) our prices are genuine we check our competitors on a regular basis to make sure we offer the best value.

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Areas we cover

Sheffield, Barnsley, Rotherham, Huddersfield, Doncaster, Worksop, Chesterfield and anywhere in between!

Our Shutters

✓All our shutters are covered by a 3 year warranty.
✓ All hardwood shutters come from sustainable sources.
✓ Upvc shutters are fully recyclable
The insulation Values of our shutters can reduce heat loss by over 50%, a significant saving in these times of high energy bills.


Shutter Styles

 Paulownia Shutters

Full Height Casement

Our most popular shutter style

 Paulownia Shutters


Ideal for traditional or modern properties

 Paulownia Shutters

Cafe Style

Covers half the window, ideal if your window looks on to the street.

 Paulownia Shutters

Tier on tier

Open the top or the bottom half to give as much or little light as required.

 Paulownia Shutters


Ideal for French or patio doors or if you just need a room divider.

 Paulownia Shutters


Bespoke shaped shutters available on request.


Shutter Materials

 Paulownia Shutters

Paulownia Shutters

Paulownia hardwood is strong, lightweight and fast growing. Paulownia offers excellent stability due to its engineered core, its fine grain texture, knot free appearance and low oil content making it ideal for painting or staining. Ideal for most rooms (except bathrooms and kitchens due to high moisture content).

Paulownia can be painted or stained
(40 different colours and stains)

Basswood Shutters

Basswood Shutters

Basswood hardwood is a very strong and high density hardwood one of the straightest hardwoods extremely resistant to warping. Ideal for most rooms in the house including kitchen (except bathrooms due to high moisture content).

Basswood shutters can be painted only
(40 different colours)

UPVC Shutters

uPVC Shutters

UPVC Shutter tick all the boxes, resistant to moisture so can be installed in any room including bathrooms, wet rooms etc. New technology in our painting process allows for upvc to be finished in the same high grade paint finish as solid woods, to the naked eye the finish will be consistent.

UPVC shutters can be painted only
(40 different colours)

Stop Press!!!

UPVC Shutters

UK uPVC Shutters

We now also have UPVC shutters made in the UK with lead times of 3 to 4 weeks.

These come in full height Casement style and also Bay windows…..in white only (which is our most popular colour)

*Average lead times on our non UK plantation shutters is 10 to 12 weeks

Shutter types and styles

 Paulownia Shutters

Classic Front Tilt Rod

Can be fitted to hardwood only.

UPVC Shutters

Clear View Tilt

Can be fitted to hardwood and upvc.

Basswood Shutters

Hidden Tilt, Built in Frame

(hidden tilt is 10% extra, and can only be used on hardwood shutters)

UPVC Shutters

Painted or stained

(standard stained is 15% extra, and can only be used on paulownia shutters)

Colours & Stains

 Paulownia Shutters
 Paulownia Shutters
 Paulownia Shutters

Shaped Windows? Not a problem

We also supply shutters for all different shaped windows (arches, circles etc.) just send an email with details, measurements (with photo if possible) for estimate.


 Paulownia Shutters

What to do now

So …. Pick which material you prefer (Hardwood or Upvc ) and then your shutter design/type, painted or stained etc., just follow the pointers on screen.

You will then receive an email with the estimated cost, if you are happy with the price you can either email or phone and we will send out a surveyor to show you samples of our products and advise and answer any questions you may have ………………and then it’s completely up to you there’s no commitment or obligation.


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